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All Videos: Thursday, May 25, 2017

💯  MLB Walk Off Home Runs 2017 💯  Rock chalk what a stop 💯  Auston Matthews Rookie Season Extended Highlights 💯  James Anderson talks about what it means to play for England 💯  What is it like to face an over from Shane Warne? – video 💯  (2010) Andrew Luck takes out USC Linebacker Shareece Wright 💯  Mikey Garcia sparring Fabian Maidana (brother of Marcos Maidana) 💯  Kell Brook vs Errol Spence staredown - I haven't seen one this intense since Ward vs Kovalev 💯  I'm starting up a new boxing channel and was wondering if you guys had any critique/advice or ideas for new videos. Thanks. 💯  Counterpunch: New Netflix Boxing Documentary ft. Peter Quillin, Brooklyn prospect "Lil B Hop" and US National Team member Cam F. Awesome 💯  Liberals Struggle To Oppose Trump’s Travel Ban After Manchester Bombing 💯  Rep. Whelan uses Jesus to dodge tax haven question 💯  Parkour training at the parkour park in Arendal, Norway 💯  Sick Edit this past winter in PR 💯  #TourNotes: Behind the Scenes as Tyler & Adriano are Victorious in Brazil 💯  Greg Nuckols on genetics 💯  Bernie Delegate Wins New York Election In Trump District! 💯  The dizzy serve challenge 💯  Stan Wawrinka Vs Sam Querrey - Geneva 2017 QF (Highlights HD) 💯  "O Guga" - The legendary victory of Gustavo Kuerten in 1997 I Roland-Garros 💯  Kei Nishikori Vs Kevin Anderson - Geneva 2017 QF (Highlights HD) 💯  Would you marry Andy Murray ? Nah he's too miserable... 💯  Ramzan Kadyrov: brutal tyrant, Instagram star 💯  Drone footage of a baitball off the coast of Ft Lauderdale, Florida being attacked by sharks/ other fish. 💯  Chris Pratt Teaches you how to Clean and Gut A Fish 💯  Rowan can do more than just throw :O 💯  Suarez isn't scared at a Charlotte 💯  Ryan Blaney Meets Daisy Ridley 💯  24 Hours of Nürburgring training live at 20:00 GMT+1 race saturday 15:00 GMT+1 💯  Mt.Baker SeshUp 2017 💯  Exciting start to the first 1/4 final of the Sudirman cup 💯  Trump Scolds NATO Members - Full Speech 💯  RUSSIAN MILLENNIALS SPEAK OPENLY ABOUT AMERICA 💯  Greg Gianforte, Trump and the First Amendment: A Closer Look 💯  Poll: Majority Says Mainstream Media Is FAKE NEWS 💯  2017 BCAPL WISCONSIN STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS 💯  Angela Magana says she's going to sue Cris Cyborg 💯  Helwani interviews Angela Magana about cyberbullying back in 2015 💯  [Video] Luke Thomas messes up the intro to the MMA Beat, and Ariel spirals into a minute long hysterical fit of laughter. 💯  Live Q&A with Amanda Sobhy - now! 💯  "The Ring" vs Urijah Faber 💯  some basics if your opponent is standing in your spider guard... very basic!!! 💯  How the hell did Rafa retain guard here at 8:49? 💯  [video] 3 awesome Xande Ribeiro armbars from Kimura grips 💯  My team finally scores a goal, and I let in 7. March 24th Bear Hawks Goalie GoPro 💯  Fernando Alonso can still crack walnuts with his neck 💯  McBeast Diaries 2017 - GBO and Konopiste Open 💯  Murray Bookchin Explains Anarchism 💯  Late Spring Skiing at Whistler Blackcomb 💯  Senate Intel Briefed On Cyber Firm With Donald Trump-Russia Ties 💯  Trump chastises fellow NATO members, demands they meet payment obligations - video of full speech (with text) - [03:28] 💯  Evergreen State College professor berated for standing up and refusing to participate in no-whites "day of absence". Article in comments. 💯  INSTAGRAM COMPILATION [FR] 💯  [PK] training at the best parkour park i have visited 💯  Did Mohamed Ever Exist? - Islam: The Untold Story - Tom Holland (BBC) (1:11:33 min) 💯  SKIP TO 35 FOR WORLD CUP OF DARTS DRAW REACTION 💯  We made a video for our app Live Stats Darts! Hope you like it! 💯  Just when you thought feminists couldn't get any crazier. 💯  Form Check - 1 pood swings 💯  R.I.P. Fishing Lure 💯  Sol et Ciel | Patagonia Timelapse (Chile & Argentina) 💯  Does going to a march do anything? 💯  May 2, 1967 - Sacramento California Capital Building - Black Panther Party Protesting Mulford Act 💯  "Avenge December 7" (Pearl Harbor) 💯  FULL: President Donald Trump Speech NATO Unveiling Of The Article 5 Berlin Wall Memorials 2017 Trump 💯  Raw first time using my GoPro at Springs last year [OC] 💯  Longboarding: Farewell California Edit 💯  Timber Boards; Back in the days 💯  Can Paganism Unite Europeans? 💯  NYC Conservative calls for a Convention of States. Wow! 💯  Top 10 Goals | World Championships 2017 💯  Boucher on the Hoffman water bottle incident: "If you knew what was being said and done on the ice every day in every game in the NHL, we would not be having this conversation right now" 💯  5 years ago today, Adam Henrique's OT goal sends the Devils to the Stanley Cup Final 💯  Hall: Nice to see Oilers eliminated in playoffs 💯  England Defenseman scores a 50-yard goal 💯  With Monaco GP this weekend, Id like to show you a full lap of the track by one of the best drivers to grace motorsports. 💯  George Webb ("Rat Line" Series Day 214.5): "Is Kim dot Com a school play??" (George raises the question of Kim's integrity) 💯  The Seth Rich Saga - Seriously good video 💯  President Donald Trump full speech today NATO 9/11 memorial- trump full speech today video 5/25/17 💯  HA Goodman - CNN and Washington Post trying to silence Kim Dotcom and Wikileaks on Seth Rich 💯  'Burned out' Tesla auto-workers go on national TV pleading to unionize and improve working conditions 💯  John Kasich breaks down the Katy Perry/Taylor Swift feud on The View 💯  UWF (Herb Abrams) Review | Wrestling With Wregret 💯  Can the President Be Arrested? 💯  RESISTANCE Summer 💯  Gerrymandering is why politics has become so strange in NC (Sen. Jeff Jackson) 💯  Republicans on Immigration, when the Republican Party didn't suck 💯  President Trump receives Saudi gold medal 💯  Republican Greg Gianforte 'body slams' Guardian reporter in Montana 💯  Inuit people of Canada & Greenpeace are going to court to protect there way of life / rights threatened by greedy multinational company's looking to preform seismic blasting for 5 years 24 hours a day negatively affecting native wildlife an 💯  Bluff Wilderness Trail, near Halifax Nova Scotia Canada - Complete circuit (20mi/30km) w/ overnight 💯  Mount Si (North Bend, Washington) 💯  Journalists heckled at UKIP manifesto launch - BBC News 💯  John Cleese vs Extremism 💯  What is Communist Anarchism? Book Review 💯  Tariq Ali: The Need for Revolution [2min video about Lenin and the October Revolution] 💯  Interesting video on Comrade Fidel and Cuba. 💯  Caleb Maupin speaks up about Manchester Bombings 💯  Can a Revolution be Peaceful? When the Earth Falls to Pieces. (Thanks 2Pac) 💯  The "Soft" Coup: Imperialism in Latin America 💯  12 years ago today, Liverpool came back from 3-0 down to win the UCL final against Milan 💯  Trump Shoves NATO Leader Aside to be in Front 💯  When will people learn that Islam is the problem? 💯  Police tase black kid. Officer states he grabbed her taser. With his foot. While he is pinned on ground convulsing. [x-post r/videos] 💯  Racing the BC Enduro mountain bike race in Williams Lake, BC - A Race Diary 💯  You guys yelled at me for having a wimpy bike bell in NYC, so I attached a car horn to my bike. 💯  Worst Retirement Ever - Episode 3: Mt. Lemmon 💯  New Rule: Fuck Mars! 💯  LIVE: President Trump participates in the NATO unveiling of the Article 5 and Berlin Wall memorials 💯  Morgan Freeman and Ben Carson: "Poverty is a State of Mind" liberals are going nuts 💯  Live Event: Milo Yiannopoulos Protest Islam and Terror 💯  Milan Lucic hockey fights compilation... Come back Lucic :( 💯  7 Keys to Winning Game 7 for the Penguins & Senators 💯  Relive India's Title Run at CT 2013 💯  Morgan Century Drives England To Victory In First ODI Against South Africa - Match Highlights 💯  Kell Brook: Bramall Dreams | SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING 💯  On this day 52 years ago Muhammad Ali shakes up the world and knocks out Sonny Liston 💯  Unbelievable: Fans Mob Errol Spence in Kell Brook's Hometown Yelling "MAN DOWN!!" 💯  Evolution of Boxing 1894-2017 💯  Scotlands Greatest Boxer - Dick McTaggart 💯  Kell Brook - Errol Spence - Full Press Conference 💯  The unthinkable : The day Mike Tyson was knocked out by Buster Douglas 💯  Errol Spence Shows Off Sharp Compact Power at Media Workout 💯  Kell Brook Displays Conditioning and Polish at Media Workout - He's Never Looked Better! 💯  Get pumped up for Saturdays fight 💯  Today marks 93 days until kickoff! Let us remember this 93yd punt return by Michigan's Desmond Howard against Ohio State, striking the iconic Heisman pose! 💯  Best "Big Guy" Moments in NFL History 💯  Ricardo Lockette reunites with paramedics who saved his life 💯  The Wedge 💯  Live Steam of the WSL 6000 - Ichinomiya Open - An Interesting Comp. to Watch Because it's at the Location of the 2020 Olympics 💯  Up Your Garden Sprayer Shower Game 💯  Mice scared the hell out of leader while trad climbing 💯  Near death captured by GoPro and camera 💯  There is no denying that 4Chan has political influence at least on the same level as Reddit. 💯  The Constrained Vision and the Unconstrained Vision 💯  Fear of getting injuries when lifting 💯  Russell Orhii squats 625 lbs / 283.5 kg at ~RPE 6.5 💯  How I use yoga to maximize my bench press 💯  Training in the BenchDaddy Wed May 24, 2017 at Master's 1; 198.4 lbs bodyweight the morning of filming. 9 1/2 weeks after blowing left shoulder. 💯  Monthly heavy deadlift session. Rep PB and almost my biggest grind ever 💯  Ben Pollack 771 squat 💯  Cailer Woolam's 5 accessory lifts to increase your deadlift total 💯  I don't think we should be happy about Saudi Arabia being happy that Trump is visiting them, considering that the majority of the terrorists from 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia. And yes, I am being critical of Trump, but just because I voted f 💯  Jonathon Thurston Speaks On Being RULED OUT Of Origin 1 💯  Fletchs strip quiz 💯  Thurston and Thaiday Interview Milford 💯  Fletch & Hindy Interview NSW Origin Players 💯  NISC - 6 teams left for NISC title 💯  Judah Friedlander Interviews Major League Soccer’s Finest 💯  2x Olympian John Daly is a "Beacon of Internet" 💯  Home video footage of a group of Americans visiting Nagano, Japan to watch the 1998 Winter Olympics 💯  FDBF Donald Young melts down vs Hyeon "Djokovic" Chung (turn down speakers at 8:15) 💯  Federer picks Nadal up at the airport and takes him on a tour around Zurich 💯  Woman labelled a 'bigot' may have identified female accomplice of Manchester suicide bomber 💯  Happy Birthday Joey Logano. Here is his greatest quote: 💯  AJ's lap around the Charlotte Roval without commentary (Track map and basic telemetry in video) 💯  A tbt interview of my first hero, Robert Yates. 💯  (TBT) 2005 Coca-Cola side by side finish 💯  NASCAR Classic: Earnhardt says Gordon "aint too smart", Gordon confirms it 💯  R.I.P. Spinnerbait 💯  First ever Spanish/English play-by-play in AUDL (context in comments) 💯  Week 8 — AUDL Top 10 Plays 💯  The Siege of Limerick 2017 Highlights - NKolakovic 💯  Sydney, AUS - Colony Ultimate 2017 Season Highlights 💯  Legalising Arson with Shaun 💯  Alex Jones Sega CD 💯  While in "no-go zones" in France, Lauren Southern had to hide her hair in order to not draw attention to her and her crew and to maintain her safety. 💯  Premiums for low income elderly could skyrocket under new GOP healthcare bill 💯  Funniest snapped string on the racket recovery I've seen. 💯  Sen. John McCain brings up Comet Pizza shooter out of nowhere. 💯  Congresswoman and former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz THREATENS Police Chief: Says there will be "consequences" if he doesn't turn evidence back over to her 💯  DNC Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatened police Chief for gathering evidence on IT staffer's crimes. 💯  [x-post from /r/advancedfitness] Sleep Deprivation's effects on body composition, fat loss, and diet adherence 💯  We’re working on a transparent, non-profit, Reddit alternative that would feature built in polling tools allowing for collective governance of the platform and voting on the use of excess profits provided they are used for the benefit of 💯  San Antonio Police vs teen girl 💯  Cop doesn't understand how a dash cam can be used as evidence (from r/dashcam) 💯  This guy was arrested illegally twice by BPD, spent 4 years in jail for crimes he didn't commit, and yet the city says they have no obligation to help which is why activist are calling for a truth commission on policing as there are thousan 💯  Trudeau's Gutless Carbon Reduction Plan Inadequate 💯  Jill Stein on Trump, Bernie and Climate Change (YouTube) 💯  Supreme Court Strikes Down Racial Gerrymandering in North Carolina 💯  Voter Goes Toe-to-Toe With Senator Over Single-Payer Healthcare 💯  Paul Coates on the Baltimore Riots of 1968 💯  Occam's Razor: Both Parties Are Massively Corrupt 💯  Bill Maher Can Go to Hell 💯  Dr. Richard Wolff - The Problem with “Reactionary Keynesianism" 💯  Manchester Mourns as the Right Attempts to Tie Labour's Corbyn to Terrorism 💯  3 of 5 Baltimore cops who killed Freddie Gray face termination 💯  Former Obama Official Cashes In With Big Oil, Violating Ethics Law 💯  Bernie Sanders Supporters Are Suing the DNC for Fraud 💯  Shop-Task | Comparison of stopping techniques at higher speeds 💯  Today's inline skating session 💯  My friend has started his swim of Albania. He's vlogging the whole thing. 💯  Live Action: Ronnie O'Sullivan vs Michael Georgiou 💯  Some say "It's better to be lucky than good"... 💯  Karma cop pulls over reckless driver, shrieks of glee ensue 💯  While Filming Gun Trauma, this Hartford Police Officer Was Shot Twice...He wants this footage seen. OFFICER DOWN, Official Preview. 💯  Cal Poly's Wakeboarding club end of winter edit 💯  Game of WAKE - Matt Crowhurst vs. Lewis Tallack 💯  Amazing first session in years (drone footage) 💯  A day in the life: UFC fighter Damir Hadzovic (Video) (I made this video to support my friend in his 2nd UFC fight, Enjoy) 💯  Gegard Mousasi: 'It's not like people don't know me' | UFC TONIGHT 💯  Travis Browne vs Alexey Oliynyk announced for UFC 213 💯  Inside The UFC Athlete Retreat with Dennis Bermudez 💯  3 years ago today, TJ Dillashaw shook up the world when he defeated Renan Barao to become the UFC Bantamweight Champion. 💯  Team Alpha Male vs. Duane Ludwig Pt. 2 | THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER 💯  Ayn Rand on the Alt-Right as the "Attila-type" --- those who "rule by brute-force, acts on the rage of the moment, is concerned with nothing but the physical reality immediatley before him, respects nothing but man's muscles and regards a f 💯  Things get a bit heated in the Paraguay Squash Open 💯  ETC 2017 Matthew vs Gaultier (audio-synced) 💯  Beer League Hockey with NHL level video coverage. This is the result. 💯  Oliver Taza vs. Thomas Stoll. Great match! 💯  Absolutely hypnotizing display of masterful skill. 💯  Gi choke from the back with your lapel 💯  Check out my YouTube page for some of my takes on my favorite moves 💯  What was wrong with Julian Lane's guillotines during his fight on last night's TUF? 💯  Shin trap to leg Drag | In honor to Rafa retiring 💯  Elbow techniques 3〈SAKU style〉 💯  Stop your Triangle from getting smashed with this 💯  Made a little throwback edit from old clips. 💯  Did Tony Hawk STEAL the 900? Both Sides of the Story 💯  WTF is this girl talking about 💯  Backyard Carcass Tossin 💯  Dan Peterka - H-Street Next Generation (Classic Part) 💯  Noseslide 💯  True Blue for Dylan Rieder. 💯  Chocolate Chip The Unofficial Chocolate Skateboards Full Video 💯  Dolphin Flip Down Stairs? Kickflip Stair Sesh 💯  Nose Manual Nollie Flip Ronald Andres 💯  friend slams on handrail :( 💯  Highlights of the 2016 Norwegian Glima Championship 💯  Team Juggernaut's recap of uSAW nationals 💯  Szymon Kołecki second MMA fight 💯  WTF is an arch angel.... 💯  Sean Waxman on Barbell Shrugged 💯  Inside Cal Strength Episode 5: Pyrros Dimas visits Cal Strength 💯  Senator Rand Paul - Obama Illegally Spying on Americans 💯  MSNBC - Wanting to Investigate Seth Rich is Fake News 💯  John Pilger on the Manchester Concert Attack, Trump, Saudi, & WikiLeaks 💯  New Terrorism Advert : Tell us what you see. - Claire Underwood 💯  I should have supported Ron Paul. Defender of Wikileaks - How Ron Paul Was Cheated Out Of A Presidency (montage) 💯  Hannity: The Russia collusion narrative is crumbling 💯  wait for it... 💯  caught on camera: smAshin' Chains Edition! 💯  The Civil Case of the Assassination of Martin Luther King Junior [12:25] | We at AnonDocs are making investigative docs about restricted topics, what should our next topic be? We just started this project, we hope you all find it informativ 💯  Anonymous Message to the World 2017 💯  Venezuela protests: "The Whale" water cannon sends people flying 💯  Human Enhancement Prioritisation | Anders Sandberg | EAGxOxford 2016 💯  Amazing Greek fans from the 2015 Greek championship final 💯  Since the last video was so well received, here's Greek volleyball fans #2 💯  Ayn Rand's "Code of the Creator" - Dr. Gregory Salmieri 💯  Future election security threats may come from any number of potential adversaries with offensive cyber capabilities, including rogue states like North Korea and non-state actors like ISIS. 💯  A look at Laura Poitras' documentary 'Risk,' her follow-up to 'Citizen Four' featuring Julian Assange and the ongoing Wikileaks saga 💯  5 Darkest Reddit Secrets....Ohanian and Huffman started out in 2005 by using sockpuppets to generate phony traffic.....Reddit CEO admits he secretly edited comments...pizzagate has been banned...Ohio terror attack by Somali refugee censored 💯  Half Moon Bay Hike & Bike (Bay Area) 💯  [FR] Check out this sick gym! 💯  [Tech] Parkour Tutorials for beginners! 💯  [FR] My first freerunning video, Feedback appreciated 💯  Thailand and Vietnam trip [pk] 💯  [PK] Introduction to Parkour, Four Basic Tricks 💯  Learnt Back Full (Backflip 360) [FR] 💯  [OTHER] A custom Parkour gym that my son designed and I build for him. 💯  My Favorite line of my first 2 months of Training Parkour and Freerunning [PK] 💯  Old is Gold | My First 2 Months of Training Parkour and Freerunning [PK] 💯  Homo and pedophilia propaganda in the new Alien movie 💯  Alex Jones flip flops on Ann Coulter 💯  Manchester Arena Explosion Hoax: Concert of "famous Illuminati queen" Ariana Grande 💯  Conpiritard Right to Work: "Ariana Grande Manchester Arena Bombing, Just More Government Terrorism" 💯  A classic from the vault [Sprinkler rainbow conspiracy] 💯  This Just In! It's Perfectly Ordinary For Panic to Ensue at Concerts 💯  Reddit tournament final live stream Thekungfupanda Vs hudd24 💯  Miami Rights | May 10, 2017 Pt. 3 | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee on TBS 💯  40 Shady Things We Now Know About Trump and Russia | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann | GQ 💯  Yanis Varoufakis on Startrek vs The Matrix - and Communism 💯  "How can we get CEOs to make better decisions for people and planet?" This video connects the dots between investor behavior and the decisions made by CEOs and other corporate executives. 💯  Mother goes to jail for Parental Alienation: a female Family Court Judge gets what fathers mean to their children 💯  2 Hand Swing Form Check 💯  Form Check 16 kg one handed swing 💯  Form Check - 72kg 💯  Debbie Wasserman Schultz tries to threaten US Capitol police chief. 💯  "Dear White People" Star, Director Discuss Racism & Double Standards 💯  Bernie Sanders vs John Kasich Town Hall Debate May 16, 2017 💯  Alastair Campbell vs Tony Blair: Will Corbyn Become Prime Minister? 💯  Can Europe Make It? - Yanis Varoufakis speaks to openDemocracy 💯  Pike opener in Ontario! 💯  Most Dangerous Hike in America and Hoodoos- Angel's Landing and Bryce Canyon- Epic Road Trip Day 2 💯  Benefits of Hiking are Endless! Just Get Out And Explore Natures Beauty! 💯  How to make venison jerky. Nesco Dehydrator and jerky kit 💯  Teaser: JimBo Films (a climbing anthology) 💯  Solid 41 inch tiger Muskie 💯  Unbounded: an outdoor adventure short film 💯  this stapler was confined to one place like most of us, so I took it on a New Zealand adventure 💯  English Culture Will Be Inferior to Islam In Ten Years 💯  this library stapler wanted out, so i took it on an adventure 💯  Khmer Mystery - Funan (The Lost City) 💯  USA, UK and France gave birth to ISIS monster 💯  Noam Chomsky: US is world's biggest terrorist 💯  The Future of Your Job in the Age of AI 💯  Obsolete, an anti ubi documentery (2016) 50min 💯  Empath: A new media solution, putting faces to the numbers - by cataloging stories of the disenfranchised, expert synopses, and reliable data Empath confronts our habits of ideological polarization and confirmation bias, in a format suitabl 💯  Angry neighbors + Mega slow mo 💯  How can i hold out my speed checks for longer? 💯  Tommy Robinson in Manchester: "Politicians have sold us out" 💯  Rand Paul Tells NATO To Stay Away From Russia 💯  The Executive Branch Shouldn't Legislate | Rand Paul on REINS Act 💯  Sen. Rand Paul on Saudi Arabia Arms Sales - May 24, 2017 💯  cinematic routesetting in Germany 💯  I could watch this on endless repeat. A true dream pitch if there ever was one! 💯  Watching rednecks talk about climbing gear is my new favorite past time. Am I cruel? 💯  Injury Prevention and Management - 2 Tips to Stay Healthy 💯  Victor Davis Hanson | Atlas Still Shrugging 💯  When you win a 10K... 💯  For those of you (like me) who are going through withdrawal, here are the Crackers of the 2017 Championships.....which is your favourite? 💯  Funniest break in snooker history 💯  William Nylander Highlights 💯  Montage of Tasmanian Local Grounds 💯  Manifesto to the Anarchists of the Entire World and to the Workers in General 💯  Mayweather gets his heart broke (funny) 💯  Edinson Cavani gives it a try at basketball 💯  Usain Bolt's 100m World Record DESTROYED by Justin Gatlin and a Japanese Game Show [x-post /r/videos] 💯  Peter Schiff On RT - Trump's Budget Can't Diffuse Bush & Obama's Timebomb 💯  The Worst of Maxine Waters 💯  The Death Wish of the Anarcho-Communists (by Murray Rothbard) 💯  Interview with Jared Howe - Assistant Media Director at BeingLibertarian.com & guest contributor at LibertyHangout.org 💯  The Hidden History of Western Civilization | Tom Woods and Stefan Molyneux 💯  George Webb ("Rat Line" Series: Day 213.1): The original "Guccifer" (1.0) is "cover" story for The Awan Brothers. (i.e., The Awan Brothers = Guccifer 1.0) 💯  George Webb ("Rat Line" Series: Day 213.6) compares current events to Nazi Gemany, and encourages more whistleblowers to come forward "Don't align with the accused. Be the one testifying against the accused at Nuremberg." [hands on with com 💯  Theodore Shoebat: Worst of the worst 💯  Hypocritical White guys with asian girls start a fight with Asian guys with white girls 💯  ladies and gentlemen, this is rand paul. 💯  Noam Chomsky refutes right-libertarianism 💯  Did you know that communism is rising in popularity in Japan? 💯  When Corbyn starts going up in the polls... 💯  CM Punk defending the honor of the WWE Championship to the uninformed morning show hosts, that are calling It a Belt 💯  La Résistance are heels. Naturally, the Raw crowd chants "USA"... in support of William Regal and Tajiri. 💯  Canada congratulates Jinder Mahal on his title win 💯  Using a Howitzer to cause controlled avalanches on SR20 💯  Rich of ReviewTechUSA covers the troubled teen industry 💯  Monaco GP Paddock Pass with Buxton 💯  Getting more comfortable with 2 Hands. Working on my approach. 💯  David Graeber: Donald Trump is a Classic Corporatist 💯  Stress, Portrait of a Killer - Full Documentary (2008) - Robert Sapolsky, a biologist specialised in primates, discovers a strong correlation between stress and hierarchy. Advocates for more social equality, workplace democracy and solidari 💯  Rattling the Bars: MIT Students Demand Divestment From Prison Profiteering Corporations 💯  Pray to Socialism every night before bed, thanking him for the life you've been given. And you will find out. It's never ogre. "Socialism is love" I say. "Socialism is life" It hurts so much but I do it for Socialism. Socialism is love Soci 💯  I.W.W. - Its History, Structure, and Method by Vincent St. John | Audio Book 💯  I'm a Better Anarchist than You: the Lifestylist Anthem 💯  Self-governed Tiny home Village being built in Denver - unicorn riot 💯  CNN Debate Live: Bernie Sanders (I-VT) vs John Kasich (R-OH) HD 1080P 💯  STRENGTHENING ELECTION CYBERSECURITY, Our nation's aging and outmoded voting technologies create risks of errors and delays as well as heightened vulnerabilities to manipulation or remote hacking. 💯  God Save The Queen DUBSTEP EDITION #holla #monarchy #dubstep 💯  Churchill's eulogy for King George VI 💯  Audio recording of Montana House Republican candidate Greg Gianforte allegedly body slamming Guardian journalist Ben Jacobs. Voting for Montana's special election begins tomorrow. 💯  Tennis Players Hitting the Wrong Balls 💯  Lawrence O'Donnell Supports 3rd Party Voters "I have mostly voted for 3rd party candidates for president. When I voted for Dems who lost, I was never told I wasted my vote. Don't try to tell me that this is wasting your vote. In a Democracy 💯  Early 90's MTB is awesome, just like early 90's soundtracks. 💯  7 Reasons to Abolish Public School 💯  Nashville Predators SCF Hype video 💯  Press Conference on May 24, 2017 regarding H.R. 1666 and the need for Congress to debate the war in Afghanistan. 💯  Rising Pune Supergiants Funny Moments in Ipl 2017 - Best is Dinda playing Chess 💯  Watch the "10 Bag Work Drills for Southpaws" tutorial we filmed! Starring: Me :) 💯  You guys gotta check this guy's channel. He has lots of videos analyzing techniques 💯  Nigel Benn vs Roberto Duran - Sparring 💯  IT'S MACHO TIME!!! Happy Birthday Hector Camacho 💯  What we wanted to see in Canelo vs JCC Jr. ... ... Roberto Duran: Scientific Street Fighting 💯  The moment Gervonta Davis broke Floyd Mayweather's heart 💯  Today marks 94 days until kickoff! Let us remember the 94th installment of the Holy War in 2012, with one of the most unbelievable endings in CFB history. [17:00 is where the real fun starts] 💯  Yohan Blake Wins Men's 100m Jamaica International Invitational 2017 9.93 sec 💯  Brian Shaw - What it takes to be number one 💯  World's Strongest Man Brian Shaw —Training Day 💯  After almost 6 years the screaming Judd KV675 still gives me goosebumps. Rest in peace you legend! 💯  GT Masters Race 1 Livestream @ YouTube 💯  Fernando Alonso's Indy qualifying session - in-depth analysis 💯  Never underestimate a debris flag 💯  200 MPH Runway Racing 💯  [OT] LEGO Porsche Crash Test 💯  Camera inside a crab trap to see how things are going. We find that our bait trap got stuck. 💯  How Ron Paul Was Cheated Out Of Presidency- reposted for visibility. This is how they treat a *real* populist politician 💯  Press conference on Greg Gianforte incident 💯  Through an Access to Information request, The Rebel's Faith Goldy discovers that Canada's Immigration Department is deliberately concealing vital information about the tens of thousands of Syrian refugees Prime Minister Trudeau has invited 💯  Kiradech Aphibarnrat Vice Sports special 💯  The skiing in the opening scene of The Spy Who Loved Me was almost as good as Warren Miller when I was a kid. RIP Sir Roger Moore. 💯  May 23 pow day at A Basin- Skiing The Beavers area and Montezuma (vid) 💯  Video message marks JFK's 100th birthday 💯  How would you respond to this video about Islam? 💯  Rep. Beth Fukumoto & Mayor Pete Buttigieg Chat Partisanship and Politics | Chelsea | Netflix 💯  How the Post Office Made America 💯  Bill Maher Epitomizes Russía Hystería & Delusíon 💯  Sassy Trump: Donald of Arabia 💯  40 Shady Things We Now Know About Trump and Russia 💯  Yer boi Joey Salads disguises himself as an AntiFa protestor (NOT PRANK) 💯  Trump's Cruel Budget Breaks His Campaign Promises: A Closer Look 💯  CA Dem Party Tells Progressives “Shut The Fuck Up" 💯  Can love conquer hate? 💯  Russians Discussed Using Donald Trump's Aides To Exert Influence 💯  Senator resorts to emoji to get through to Trump on climate change 💯  Rep. Clark (D-MA) asks Education Secretary DeVos about discrimination in schools (C-SPAN)  Go Back 1 Day: Wednesday, May 24, 2017