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"Trans Racial" - saw this skit posted on /r/television and thought it was an equally funny and insightful piece of satire

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atlanta trans racial


  RUSH: Nobody Thought Trump's Response To April Ryan Was Racial. They Thought It Was FUNNY!   Views of the News: Did Saturday Night Live take the ISIS skit too far?   Joan Rivers on "A Piece of Work" and Why Leno Isn't Funny   ~Girl Skateboards - Mouse~ (OLD SCHOOL)i saw this video on VHS when i was a kid almost 20yrs ago and never forgot it.   Saw a clip of Frank Shamrock and did some research. Found this documentary on his life and was blown away. What a fighter/guy.   About a year ago I took this slam and was featured on the Hall of Meat Instagram, thought you lot would enjoy!   Hi, first post in here but i think(hope) it fits in this subreddit. A friend of mine sent me this video today and i think its an awesome idea and it also turns really funny. May 20th! I'm in! :)   John Oliver on Emmy win, "gift" of politics and satire   WATCH: This hateful piece was on display in an art gallery in Cologne, Germany.   Discovered this video and thought it needed more love. 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Legit dude.   He looks like he's been electrocuted!Hairy baby with a five-inch quiff has such an impressive mane   Blake Lively thought her doctor was going drop our baby Ryan Reynolds played Marvin Gaye's Let's Get   Alyssa Mastromonaco, "Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?"   J.R. Smith on LeBron’s beer break - ‘I thought it was hilarious until I thought about if I did it’

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